Taste Of Soul Competition


The Taste of Soul competition is an opportunity for restaurants, chefs, and caterers of the African and Black culture community to display their talent.  Whether you have Haitian, Caribbean, Southern Style, Ethiopian, African, BBQ, or Somalian food this event allows you to showcase your food to thousands of potential new customers.  We offer you the opportunity to bring your food to the people. Advertise who you are, what you serve, and get the word out you are here in San Diego.

If you are interested in growing your business and increasing your revenue, do not miss this opportunity.  



Please be sure you have your food handlers permit.

Kuumba Fest 2/8–2/10

Taste of Soul Competition Only- Saturday, February 9, 2019 5p-6p
Please be sure that you are set up by 4:30p sharp and ready to serve at 5p.  The Taste of Soul competition will begin at 5p. Patrons will purchase a ticket to enter and sample your dish(s).  

You do not sell or charge During the Taste of Soul Competition event.  

Prior to the event and after the event you may sell to the general public.  

Patrons will vote on the following areas:

  • Best Tasting
  • Best Display

Remember appearance matters. Try to decorate keeping the theme in mind or get creative.  Make your table represent your food.

Once the voting is complete, we will tabulate the votes and announce the winners for both categories and present the awards.

Please be sure to have gloves, and whatever is needed for your samples.  Please be prepared to provide at least 50 good samples.

A few things to note:

For participating in the Taste of Soul we offer you the opportunity to be a Kuumba Vendor.  You may sell your delicacies, meals, drinks throughout the weekend. Thursday and Friday evening is dinner, Saturday snacks/lunch/dinner and Sunday lunch/dinner.

You must bring your food prepared.  There is no cooking in the Lyceum. Have warmers to keep your food warm, crockpots…  If you would like to vend all weekend the cost is only $75 instead of the $200 to support the recoup of cost in proving your samples for the Taste of Soul Competition.  This discount is only offered to those participating in Taste of Soul. No food vendors allowed unless participating.

Parking is $10 for all day, or validated for 4 hours free.

If you have lots to unload be sure to bring helpers and send your information to utilize the loading doc.  

Its a great idea to Network and promote yourself during the festival. Have flyers, business cards…perhaps offer coupons or discounts for coming to your store/restaurant… if they mention Kuumba Fest.  We want this to be a great time of marketing and advertising your business to our community.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Loading/Unloading at the Loading Dock or the Horton Plaza Elevator down into the Lyceum.

DeShonda Roberts



If you are participating in the Kuumbafest Taste of Soul competition and would like to also like to sell food on Friday, Sunday or both.  You will need to purchase a weekend vendor pass.  We are offering Saturdays “Taste of Soul” Competition Participants a discounted food vendor weekend pass of $75 Allowing you to sell when not in the competition on Friday, Sunday or both.