Vendor FAQ

2019 Kuumba Fest Vendor Q & A

  1. Q) What is the theme of the Festival this year
  2. A)  Black to Excellence February 8-10th
  3. Q) What is provided with my registration?
  4. A) You will receive one 8ft table, 2 chairs, marketing on the website, Facebook page, and throughout the festival.  In addition, you receive exposure to thousands of potential new customers and amazing networking opportunities.
  5. Q) What time can I arrive to set up?
  6. A) These arrival times will allow you to set up and be prepared to receive customers:

Friday- 4p; Sat- 8a (If your first day) If returning 10a Sun- 12p

  1. Q) How much is parking?
  2. A) Parking is $10 per day in the Horton Plaza parking structure.  This may change due to new ownership.
  3. Q) Where do I unload?
  4. A) The Horton Plaza loading dock; Arrangements must be made in advance and arrival times coordinated.  If you would like to use the loading dock, please contact the African Market Place Coordinator (AMP).
  5. Q) Can I bring a table or canopy?
  6. A) Your registration includes (1) 8ft rectangle table and 2 chairs.  Canopies are only allowed for outdoor vendors. Please see the AMP coordinator.
  7. Q) Can I bring a guest with me?
  8. A) You may bring a guest to help you at your table.  Please be sure to submit your guest name to the (AMP) coordinator prior to the event.
  9. Q) Will there be food to purchase?
  10. A) Yes, we have a variety of wonderful food vendors representing the community that will provide concessions throughout the festival.  Please bring cash.

  1. Q) Do I need to be present for the entire day?
  2. A) Although the Kuumba Fest is a long day, it is recommended that you are present the entire day to maintain the vibrancy of the AMP.  In addition, it will allow you more opportunity for success.
  3. Q) Do I have to breakdown at the end of each day?
  4. A) No, it is not necessary to breakdown your booth daily.  The theatre will be locked daily after the event.
  5. Q) How do I get on a mailing list for future vending opportunities throughout the year?
  6. A) When you register as a vendor with the Kuumba Fest, you are automatically entered into our database.  We will contact you for all future events throughout the year. Please be sure to stop by the African American Advisory Council booth to find out how to get more involved.  
  7. Q) How can I promote the Kuumba Fest?
  8. A) Thank you for asking, there are a number of ways for you to support the Kuumba Fest.  You can tell all of your friends and family about the weekend. Visit our Facebook page and post to your wall.  Place a link on your business website to our site.  Post our page on your Facebook page.  Give out flyers to local business. Begin frequenting our list of vendors to promote giving back to our community.  
  9. Q) How many people do you expect at the 3 day event
  10. A) The Kuumba Fest is a large event with thousands in attendance over the course of the 3 day weekend.
  11. Q) How can I assure my success as a vendor
  12. A) Advertise the festival on your website and social media.  Sell tickets to the various performances and shows, Tell all of your customers about the event and offer discounts if they come to the festival and shop with you.  Make flyers and bring lots of business cards for networking and to handout in the Horton Plaza mall and downtown area during the festival.
  13. Q)  Do you have WIFI available during the event for transactions?
  14. A) Yes, we will have WIFI and we suggest that you bring lots of change, a way to process credit cards, debit cards… to ensure maximum sales potential.  
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