Vendor Load In?



If you need to use the loading dock, please be sure that you have proof of insurance/current registration.

Friday from 1pm until 5pm.
Saturday from 8a-10a
Sunday from 11a-1p
If anything changes with the times set, I will notify you by email.


Prior to the Kuumba Fest- no later than 4pm. on Thursday, February 23, 2017… You must email the following information below to or Call 619-231-3586 ext 618

  • Driver Name______________________
  • Approximate time of arrival  ___________
  • Drivers Lic# ______________________
  • Vehicle Lic Plate# __________________
  • Vehicle Description _________________

Must have current registration and proof of insurance

Directions to the SD Repertory Loading Dock:

Because of the performances happening in the theatre no one will be allowed to enter the loading dock or backstage area after 5pm on Friday. There will not be able to be any exceptions to this rule. Thank you for your understanding.

> Go down 4th Street as if you were coming to Horton Plaza.

> Pass Broadway

> The entrance will be on your right side just after the Balboa Theatre marquee.

> If you have come to the parking garage entrance you have gone too far.

> You will check in with security and let them know you are loading into the Lyceum Theatre.

> You will not be permitted to enter the Dock without your valid driver’s license, valid insurance, and vehicle registration.

> You will go to loading dock #3.


> Reminder, Westfield does not allow parking in the loading dock. After you have unloaded your vehicle, you must parked in the garage. Also, the city does ticket those people who unload in front of the theatre, so please make sure to pass on this information to all of those who do need to unload items.