Vendor Terms/Conditions

Vending Policy

The African American Advisory Counsel of San Diego Reserves the right to remove any vendor or product that does not meet or maintain the guidelines, standards, integrity and moral character of the KUUMBA FEST.

Any Questions Contact DeShonda Roberts: 619-948-4761  email: droberts859[@]

Venor Load In/Event Day Procedures

UNLOADING, SET UP & OPENING:  Please arrange to bring carts and dollies to transfer your equipment and products to your booth. Arrangements should be made in advance, with the House manager and vendor Coordinator, if you need assistance.

LOAD IN TIMES (Please Read Load In Poceedure here)
Friday from 1pm until 5pm.
Saturday from 8a-10a
Sunday from 11a-1p
If anything changes with the times set, I will notify you by email.
Prior to the Kuumba Fest- no later than 4pm. on Thursday, February 23, 2017… You must email the following information below to or Call 619-231-3586 ext 618

Booth Decor & Behavior.

APPLICATION: Anyone can vend at the Kuumba Fest, provided the product or service fits the description and is representative of the African American community. Product, service quality and diversity are also used to determine vendor or product acceptance. Once the space is reserved, each Vendor  submission application will be reviewed  for complience within the Kuumba Fest Vending Policy and Procedures.  Food Vendors/Taste of Soul Vendors  are required to show verification of food handlers license.


Booth Setup/Decorating rules are pretty simple.
1) Walls
NOTHING is to be put on the walls. No taped signs, no push pins. Nothing. The art will stay on the walls and no table can be put against walls with art. Vendors tables will need to be pushed father back from the walls.

2) Floors.
The tables all have rubber feet on them to protect the floors. Please be sure that anything you bring in that sits on the floor… racks, display stands, tables, etc. have to have rubber feet or something to put underneath to protect the floor

Kuumba Fest takes pride in its environment and encourages vendors to take pride in their booth and decorate their space accordingly.  For the Taste Of Soul participants A prize for the best and most authentic booth that best illustrates the traditions and culture of the part of the world being represented will be announced and presented at the conclusion of the event.

FLYERS: FLYERS, CARDS, PROMO ITEMS CAN BE DISTRIBUTED on the grounds, at the gates or in front of booths. Only the flyers of authorized vendors can be distributed. Vendors are restricted to only the area immediately in front of their booth to distribute materials and display their products. We want to avoid illegal vending, prevent unnecessary maintenance of the theatre, and discourage others from taking advantage of the patrons at the TASTE OF SOUL. Tidiness and a tranquil environment for our vendors, performers, staff and patrons is what we strive for. Vendors and their staff who do not adhere to this policy will be asked to leave the premises and will forfeit their booth.

SMOKING: There is a NO SMOKING policy in the theatre, which is strictly enforced by staff and the Fire Department. All vendors are asked to remind their guests of this policy and to assist in directing them to the areas on the grounds where smoking is permitted.

SELLING:   You may sale pre-packed food at the event

Taste of Soul Vendor Contest Saturday 2:00pm-3:00pm

A prize for the best and most authentic booth that best illustrates the African American traditions and culture represented will be announced and presented at the conclusion of the event.

Electrical Power Food Vendors

A Booth Monitor will check each booth, after set up the day of the event, for extra electrical equipment, extra plugs and/or any extra power usage not listed on the information form sumitted when purchasing vending booth space.


Vendors are responsible for the area within a ten-foot radius of their space. Trash bags will be available through our maintenance staff.

In Case of Emergency

EMERGENCIES: In case of emergency, please contact the house manager of the Lyceum, or a Vendor Coordinator.

FIRST AID: For first aid, contact Lyceum house manager.

Terms and Policy Agreed to:

As my  actions of submitting information and purchasing vendor space I, therefore, Agreed as to form and content of all information contained in vendor policy to which I have read in its entirety.  With the submission and purchase of the vendor booth application form, I agree to abide by all of the rules governing my company’s participation in the Kuumba Fest, Urban warrior and the African American Advisory Counsel of San Diego. I fully understand that acceptance of my application is subject to the approval of the products and/or services listed on my application.